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How It Started

SolutionsTwoGo was started by husband and wife duo, Kevin & Christy Holka.  Combined, they bring over 30 years of real world business experience in Account & Project Management, Technical Consulting/Support, Back Office HR & Bookkeeping, Multi Staff Management and more.  

After deciding to simplify their lives, they joined forces to do what they love and are good at, while following their dreams.  Now, they travel the byways of the world, while helping people and small businesses navigate all of today's wild and always-changing technologies.

We Offer You

Exceptional Customer Service
Easy & Safe Payments with SquareUp
Comfort & Peace of Mind

In a world of constant change, don't let the fear of evolving technology scare you into neglecting your online presence.  SolutionsTwoGo makes it easy.

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Frequent Questions

Website Development depends on many factors including (but not limited to) site features and complexity, your industry, your competition and your time & effort contributions.

We do require a contract for large projects and monthly website maintenance services.   Contract terms and length are dependent upon the details of the project.   

We proudly use Square to send invoices and process payments.   

Yes, we do.  Please check the lower right hand corner of your screen to initiate a chat session.  If you do not see the Chat feature for some reason, please Contact STG Here

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